You have rendered me speechless.  How to describe you without melting into a puddle of childlike enthusiasm?  I’ll rely on pictures for a moment, oh dear Oxford Exchange.

The books…too many to mention but impressed to the core when I came across Working Class Foodies Cookbook: 100 Delicious Seasonal Recipes for Under $8 Per Person.  A true gem.  I, however, decided to go with a bit of humor.  I’m talkin about A.J. Jacobs-The Year of Living Biblically.  While thumbing through the middle I laughed, smiled and knew it was a keeper.

choose your words.

while you were reading.

The food…your basic goat cheese, pepper & mushroom omelet with toast, homemade raspberry jam and sausage links.  I tend to be a simpleton when it comes to breakfast choices (no shame).  Below that, a pork belly and blue cheese burger with sweet potato fries (fries not photographed but oh so good).

black and white breakfast.

pork belly blue.

The drink…a Salted Caramel (tea) Latte.  You can sip this iced or hot.  This was my first tea latte + soy milk experience.  With each sip my lips politely grazed the cloud of steamed “milk”; picking up the heavier drizzled caramel and salt flakes, utterly memorable.


tea cup and up.

The Oxford…you’re a place to spend hours in.  Food, simply done.  The bustling sounds from floor to ceiling–an echo of mutual excitement from those waiting for a table or floating between regions. I adore you and wish for this experience again, soon.

oxford stance.