apple picking in hudson new york


apple picking

The few that have fallen.

Today I went apple picking. The leaves are beginning their slow and lofty fall to the earth. The apples nearing the end of their season.

Upon my slow walk through the short wet grass, I found supreme interest in the fallen few.

The apples overlooked, and at times, met with a grimacing expression.

What was my compulsion to pick these apples over the red jewels still hanging from their trusty branch threads?

Did I see a version of myself in these apples?

These observations are what made this day so magical, or more so, the weekend.

Something is stirring. The sufferable summer heat has cleared as have the challenges presented along with. What is it about cooler weather?

When still living in Florida and contemplating my move, I felt the nudge…the need to be thrown into the cycles of season. The cold, even when bringing along overcast shadows, is welcome.

As fall nears, and I contemplate these questions, I’m presented with echoes of advice that I find in different forms. Whether it be a talk with a friend or favorite podcast.

The cold can bring about relief and discomfort all at the same time. How often have we found ourselves in this state?

Lately, there have been extreme transitions in my life and not all jarring or unpleasant. Some have been as necessary as the fallen apples.

Where perhaps I can look upon them and feel as if I’m leaving nothing behind.

The apples are released out of necessity to end the cycle that had once begun. This weekend I have taken note of the rhythms that exist all around me.

We can be the tree, the flowering blossom, the fruit begun and then matured.

We can be the apple whose fallen and we can be the observer, the passerby.

Life is amazing.









in the age of transition

A new location and life situation brings about many things. Transition is now a pair of socks that I wear almost daily.  What is it about this recurring subject that (seemingly) traps me so?  The more I read up on other blogs the more I see I am not alone.  Comforting, why yes…yes it is.  How I use this to my advantage, still thinking.

I recently moved from Florida to central New York.  I know there is purpose here, I’ve experienced it already in ways I never knew possible.  It’s as if I’m on the brink of greatness, tripping over myself at times.  Admittedly, not the best with patience mixed with the unknown.  Seriously voted worst couple 2016.

Here’s what I do sometimes. I write down things that just float into consciousness. Pictures, okay…what to do with pictures? I love taking them, I love stationary.  I love patterns and wrapping paper…you see?  I feel the start. I feel the happiness that accompanies such thought. Now…let’s figure the rest out!

mean mugs

I’m between places right now and that’s okay.  I hope for clarity and quite possibly a cosmic nudge in the right direction soon.  Sometimes it’s needed, sometimes we all need a picture of a cow as well. I’ll mention my helpful moments. Behind the lens, resting and warm light cascading it’s honesty onto the earth.  Have you heard Wild by Royal Teeth? Listen to it. Anywhere.





tea roses please.

So so long ago was my last post.  What can I say, I’ve thrown things in front of me hoping to preoccupy myself…away from writing and connecting.  I’ve been too busy.  My most favorite phrase when I know I’m up to no good.

What is it about today?..

I’ve run errands, over thought almost every situation in my life and still.  Nothing calms me.  I search my reading list on Google to find those I admire teaching classes on food photography or blogging about their packed wardrobe to the Grecian Islands.  I now have “eye rolled” my afternoon away.  Why am I reading about what other people are doing? Or more importantly why do I allow it to paralyze me? As if those who are doing can state some loud negative truth about where I am.

Non-sense.  Yet I am human and I’m sharing this human reaction right now because emotional purging is necessary.  If I were to blurb about anything, a repeated thought finding it’s way over and over in my mind, it’s to be kinder to myself.  It’s everywhere.  Be kind to myself to yourself. Honor where you are at any moment.  Even if it’s uncomfortable, like pajamas made of sand paper and stinging nettles.

I’m uncomfortable right now, the past is waving to me from my couch and my future self is wondering what my problem is.  My tea roses are at times fully open or not quite there yet.  I know this is the ebb and flow of my soul.

Set yourself free by embracing that which irritates or shames you, whatever it is. You’re tired mind and heavy shoulders will thank you.  Trust me.

My mantra is finding perfection in imperfection…come to think of it this has been my mantra as a child, too.  Except I was a huge exaggerator in my youth so I took imperfection and turned it into a Lifetime movie.  Telling everyone I knew (not suggested).  See what i did there 😉  Let loose my dear friends. Whether you are petals wrapped tightly or fully blossomed.  Accept and be patient.





dear oxford exchange.

You have rendered me speechless.  How to describe you without melting into a puddle of childlike enthusiasm?  I’ll rely on pictures for a moment, oh dear Oxford Exchange.

The books…too many to mention but impressed to the core when I came across Working Class Foodies Cookbook: 100 Delicious Seasonal Recipes for Under $8 Per Person.  A true gem.  I, however, decided to go with a bit of humor.  I’m talkin about A.J. Jacobs-The Year of Living Biblically.  While thumbing through the middle I laughed, smiled and knew it was a keeper.

choose your words.

while you were reading.

The food…your basic goat cheese, pepper & mushroom omelet with toast, homemade raspberry jam and sausage links.  I tend to be a simpleton when it comes to breakfast choices (no shame).  Below that, a pork belly and blue cheese burger with sweet potato fries (fries not photographed but oh so good).

black and white breakfast.

pork belly blue.

The drink…a Salted Caramel (tea) Latte.  You can sip this iced or hot.  This was my first tea latte + soy milk experience.  With each sip my lips politely grazed the cloud of steamed “milk”; picking up the heavier drizzled caramel and salt flakes, utterly memorable.


tea cup and up.

The Oxford…you’re a place to spend hours in.  Food, simply done.  The bustling sounds from floor to ceiling–an echo of mutual excitement from those waiting for a table or floating between regions. I adore you and wish for this experience again, soon.

oxford stance.





summer love and buddy brew.

Longboat Key Beach Blooms-57-1

Who can resist the cool waters + longer days filled with planting and solitude?  I’m inspired to take my time when surrounded by warmth and light.  I find this to be the blossoming energy behind summer days.

light as a feather, sinking blue.

Slow down (says this ridiculously hot a** Florida weather).  Relax and grab an iced something or other.  So one weekend, I did.  Yet this was not your regular “other”.  This was, the Buddy Brew.  The BBC Caramello.  This drink deserves a post all it’s own.  Standing in caffeinated glory.  The sweet caramel reuniting harmoniously with perfectly roasted espresso and my choice of soy milk.  No sweetener necessary, all I needed was my hand to mouth coordination.  Owner Dave Ward and wife Susan have brewed up something very special.

Now, given I don’t live in Tampa I could have felt like an outsider (easy).  But no, I stumbled upon a group of ole Joe’s wishing to share the table.  Nothing soothes ones newbie nerves like common conversation about coffee beans and local hot spots.  It may have been the old wooden table, earth toned walls-or the master barista’s bow tie but I felt at home for an hour + minutes.

This is where the party begins.  Ushering in the new , granting ourselves time to revel in what summer has to offer.  Days so hot you find yourself a slave to the shade mixed with seasonal fruits and vegetables with iced enjoyments.  Imagine what summer means to you and create it.  However it paints itself.