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It’s no secret how obsessed I’ve become with our newest coffee jam here in Sarasota, Perq Coffee Bar.  From the decor to the perq-ulated, it’s all spectacular!  I wish to call this gem my second home (if I could consume coffee 24/7 and still function).  You’ll find the owner Keith, behind the counter or round about making sure everyone who is served is served well and even educated on the process and passion that goes into every sip.

I find myself here on many a morning and/or afternoon.  Never disappointed with either pastry or perq.  Finding that Lollicake Queen , which is run by Keith’s wife Erin and her sister Amy, rests next door…it’s easy to find a sweet date for your beverage.

I’ve come to believe anything in “wheel form” be it the brown butter, blueberry buckle, or sugary cinnamon coffee cake is the bees knees.  When it comes to the drink, I’ve ordered the Dirty Chai, Mocca (not Mocha), Flat White, Iced Turmeric Ginger Tea and Chemex (process).  Anything you order is to be savored and appreciated.  For the love and precise ratios that go into every glass deserve respect (not in a finger pointing kinda way).

Sweets rotate almost daily (including gluten-free options), I could ramble through a list of what I’ve seen or tasted but why ruin the surprise. Glory be to Rip Van Waffle!!!

Support your local coffee bar my friends.  In turn you’re supporting hard working farmers, roasters and earth friendly practices.  Cheers!