in the age of transition

A new location and life situation brings about many things. Transition is now a pair of socks that I wear almost daily.  What is it about this recurring subject that (seemingly) traps me so?  The more I read up on other blogs the more I see I am not alone.  Comforting, why yes…yes it is.  How I use this to my advantage, still thinking.

I recently moved from Florida to central New York.  I know there is purpose here, I’ve experienced it already in ways I never knew possible.  It’s as if I’m on the brink of greatness, tripping over myself at times.  Admittedly, not the best with patience mixed with the unknown.  Seriously voted worst couple 2016.

Here’s what I do sometimes. I write down things that just float into consciousness. Pictures, okay…what to do with pictures? I love taking them, I love stationary.  I love patterns and wrapping paper…you see?  I feel the start. I feel the happiness that accompanies such thought. Now…let’s figure the rest out!

mean mugs

I’m between places right now and that’s okay.  I hope for clarity and quite possibly a cosmic nudge in the right direction soon.  Sometimes it’s needed, sometimes we all need a picture of a cow as well. I’ll mention my helpful moments. Behind the lens, resting and warm light cascading it’s honesty onto the earth.  Have you heard Wild by Royal Teeth? Listen to it. Anywhere.