tea roses please.

So so long ago was my last post.  What can I say, I’ve thrown things in front of me hoping to preoccupy myself…away from writing and connecting.  I’ve been too busy.  My most favorite phrase when I know I’m up to no good.

What is it about today?..

I’ve run errands, over thought almost every situation in my life and still.  Nothing calms me.  I search my reading list on Google to find those I admire teaching classes on food photography or blogging about their packed wardrobe to the Grecian Islands.  I now have “eye rolled” my afternoon away.  Why am I reading about what other people are doing? Or more importantly why do I allow it to paralyze me? As if those who are doing can state some loud negative truth about where I am.

Non-sense.  Yet I am human and I’m sharing this human reaction right now because emotional purging is necessary.  If I were to blurb about anything, a repeated thought finding it’s way over and over in my mind, it’s to be kinder to myself.  It’s everywhere.  Be kind to myself to yourself. Honor where you are at any moment.  Even if it’s uncomfortable, like pajamas made of sand paper and stinging nettles.

I’m uncomfortable right now, the past is waving to me from my couch and my future self is wondering what my problem is.  My tea roses are at times fully open or not quite there yet.  I know this is the ebb and flow of my soul.

Set yourself free by embracing that which irritates or shames you, whatever it is. You’re tired mind and heavy shoulders will thank you.  Trust me.

My mantra is finding perfection in imperfection…come to think of it this has been my mantra as a child, too.  Except I was a huge exaggerator in my youth so I took imperfection and turned it into a Lifetime movie.  Telling everyone I knew (not suggested).  See what i did there 😉  Let loose my dear friends. Whether you are petals wrapped tightly or fully blossomed.  Accept and be patient.