Longboat Key Beach Blooms-57-1

Who can resist the cool waters + longer days filled with planting and solitude?  I’m inspired to take my time when surrounded by warmth and light.  I find this to be the blossoming energy behind summer days.

light as a feather, sinking blue.

Slow down (says this ridiculously hot a** Florida weather).  Relax and grab an iced something or other.  So one weekend, I did.  Yet this was not your regular “other”.  This was, the Buddy Brew.  The BBC Caramello.  This drink deserves a post all it’s own.  Standing in caffeinated glory.  The sweet caramel reuniting harmoniously with perfectly roasted espresso and my choice of soy milk.  No sweetener necessary, all I needed was my hand to mouth coordination.  Owner Dave Ward and wife Susan have brewed up something very special.

Now, given I don’t live in Tampa I could have felt like an outsider (easy).  But no, I stumbled upon a group of ole Joe’s wishing to share the table.  Nothing soothes ones newbie nerves like common conversation about coffee beans and local hot spots.  It may have been the old wooden table, earth toned walls-or the master barista’s bow tie but I felt at home for an hour + minutes.

This is where the party begins.  Ushering in the new , granting ourselves time to revel in what summer has to offer.  Days so hot you find yourself a slave to the shade mixed with seasonal fruits and vegetables with iced enjoyments.  Imagine what summer means to you and create it.  However it paints itself.